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About Operation Mother Hen

Operation Mother Hen is a partnership between the Department of Mathematics and Science and Engineering Node Services (SENS). With support from a Faculty Educational Technology Grant from the University at Buffalo, Operation Mother Hen began as a pilot project in the fall of 1999.

The purpose of Operation Mother Hen is to provide entry-level calculus students with an opportunity to review the material that was presented in class by viewing video clips of their instructor as she demonstrates the basic principles of calculus. Operation Mother Hen is not intended as a substitute for class attendance, but rather as a supplement to class attendance. With Operation Mother Hen, students may review the basics as many times as they need to from any Internet-connected computer*.

System Requirements

Operation Mother Hen requires that you have a computer with RealOne Player installed and an Internet connection (the faster the better, of course!). You will also need a sound card in order to hear the audio (most newer computers have sound cards).

If you do not have RealOne Player, you can download it free from RealNetworks (be sure to download the Basic Player--that's the free one!)

Courses Available

Currently you may access the following courses:

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